Logline: While caring for an old man with dementia, a desperate woman discovers stolen paintings worth millions in his basement. But as she plots to steal the artwork, elements from the man’s past resurface and threaten to destroy them both.

Accolades: PAGE International Screenwriting Awards Semi-Finalist

Format: Feature-length film

WGA Registration: 1867604



Logline: In 1965, a savvy con artist and the heiress to an oil empire separately try to stake out their claim for power in the petroleum industry.

Series Synopsis: Wildcat is a story of American ambition told against the backdrop of the oil industry in 1965. This hour-long drama series presents three different perspectives:

  • In Alaska, a con artist who strives to build his own empire at any cost
  • In Texas, the heiress to an independent oil company who plots to seize a bigger piece of the pie
  • In Pittsburgh, the brash, powerful tycoon who struggles to maintain control of one of the largest oil corporations in America

Accolades: ScreenCraft Pilot Launch Finalist, Script Pipeline TV Writing Finalist

Format: Hour-long TV drama

WGA Registration: 1833459



Logline: A newlywed couple is terrorized by the ghost of a mysterious woman while renovating their bed and breakfast, but in attempting to destroy her, they may destroy the one force protecting them from pure evil.

Accolades: ScreenCraft Horror Semi-Finalist (under the title Seever House)

Format: Feature-length film

WGA Registration: 1816884



Logline: When a misanthropic bartender hunts down the person who murdered his brother, the two form an unlikely alliance and launch a violent siege against a local drug ring.

Format: Feature-length film

Project 2

Logline: Sequestered in a lab deep underground, a team of scientists investigate an alien lifeform that has crash landed on Earth. But when the communications system goes down and the team’s behavior becomes more erratic, they suspect that the silent, imprisoned creature in their midst may be more powerful than they realize.

Format: Feature-length film


Logline: An awkward 15 year-old’s parents hire a volatile swim coach intent on molding her into an Olympian, not realizing that they have brought together two obsessive loners who will push each other to the brink of madness.

Format: Feature-length film



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