Sam Cooke & Hussain Pirani


We are a filmmaking team that strives to create compelling, thought-provoking, and character-driven content, with scripts like our horror feature This Hollow Earth (a ScreenCraft semi-finalist), our TV drama Wildcat (a Script Pipeline and ScreenCraft finalist), and our thriller The Caretaker (a ScreenCraft finalist). There's no reason creative ideas can’t be fresh and artistic while also appealing to a mainstream audience.

Our partnership began in film school at The University of Texas where our individually distinct voices meshed together to create something wholly unique and exciting. In the years since, we've prided ourselves on pushing each other's artistic boundaries in service of great storytelling.

We believe strongly in the projects we have completed so far and have great enthusiasm for the scripts that we are currently developing. Feel free to contact us if you have interest in any of these projects. We would love to hear from you.